About us

Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned vegetable seed breeding company founded in The Netherlands in 1924 by Mr Rijk Zwaan. Our story is about respect for nature, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and driving change. We employ 3,900 people in over 100 countries.

Rijk Zwaan Australia

Founded in Daylesford, Victoria, in 1987, Rijk Zwaan Australia (pronounced ‘rake zwarn’) employs approximately 80 staff, working across three primary areas:

  • Vegetable seed sales
  • Research and development
  • Seed production

Working with growers, retailers and processing companies, we continually exchange ideas to drive the development of vegetables, product lines and concepts aligned to market needs. In addition, we closely collaborate with research institutes and universities.

Innovative solutions for growers

Rijk Zwaan is focussed on creating sustainable, tasty and colourful vegetables for growers, retail and trade, and consumers.

We are committed to providing technical expertise and solution-based approaches to growers backed by extensive research and development in vegetable breeding, supported by access to global data.

At the heart of Rijk Zwaan are our people

The company is devoted to developing varieties and services with a value-added approach towards working together with partners throughout the supply chain.

We believe a people-focussed structure creates a stable and secure environment, and allows employees to flourish contributing to the success by creating and developing new varieties.

With seeds at the start of the food chain, we recognise the responsibility our company carries in providing quality products and ensuring a healthy future is possible.

Frances Tolson in field

Bringing vegetables to life

Not many people can say they’ve had a connection to vegetables their entire life. For Frances Tolson growing up on the family’s vegetable farm means that growing, harvesting, learning about vegetables and educating others is second nature to her. As part of the international chain management team based in Australia, Frances, a self-confessed Vegetable Enthusiast, has been sharing her passion for vegetables.

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Investing in seed quality

Breeding for sustainability is at the heart of Rijk Zwaan’s approach to developing new and improved vegetable seeds. Seeds are at the beginning of the food chain and we recognise our contribution towards ensuring global food security. However, the importance of seed quality is often underestimated.

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