GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968)

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GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968) product photo view-2 L
GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968) product photo front L
GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968) product photo view-2 L
GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968) product photo front L
GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968) product photo front S
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  • Dark-skinned slicer style cucumber
  • High quality, high yielding variety for unheated greenhouse production
  • Suitable for year-round production
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GUAPAN RZ F1 (21-968)
Introduction number
21-968 RZ F1
Crop type
Green Slicer (18-22cm)
Resistance (HR)
Resistance (IR)
Cropping system
Traditional greenhouse

Guapan RZ is a slicer cucumber with long, well-filled fruits. This is an attractive cucumber with dark skin and medium spines.

High quality and high yielding variety, Guapan RZ is a strong crop. This variety is suitable for unheated greenhouse cultivation and can be in production all year round. 

Guapan RZ benefits from Rijk Zwaan’s  Blueleaf® traits. 
Rijk Zwaan’s Blueleaf® is a natural trait, bred into our range of cucumbers. Blueleaf® varieties have dark, blue-green foliage and contain more chlorophyll than varieties without this particular trait. These dark leaves enable higher degrees of light absorption, which converts into more growth and fruiting. The plant is slower to yellow - it remains productive for longer, even in the case of infection with the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus. Blueleaf® varieties are also better able to withstand viruses, fungi such as Fusarium and mildew, and pests such as whitefly and thrips. Learn more about Blueleaf®.

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500 pieces
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